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Cornelis sets forth the work plan of Indonesian GCF in Mexico, Mexico–Indonesian Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force (GCF Task Force) has planned a work based on 3 main pillars, namely: first, strengthening the unity of forest management, controlling the use of Permit Chamber and Governance; second, establishing partnership with the private sectors to ensure the supply chain of commodities produced sustainably and environmentally friendly; third, ensuring inclusive and low-emissions development with the active involvement of indigenous peoples and crofters.

This was conveyed by Indonesian GCF coordinator, Cornelis SH, MH, while at the annual meeting of the governors of the world who are members of the Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force ( GCF Task Force ) in Guadalajara (Estate Jalisco), 1st September 2016 , Mexico’s time.

“These three pillars provide guidance for 6 provinces in Indonesia to reduce the deforestation “, said Cornelis in front of GCF participants.

Furthermore, Indonesiam GCF, said Cornelis, has been active in dialogue with the central and provincial governments, outside of the GCF membership, as well as the private partners including Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Dialogue has been conducted several times, including dialogues with the ministers of partner countries.

Di mexicoCornelis, the Governor of West Kalimantan, stated that he has compiled the documents of forest emission referral level which involves all parties, including universities, donor countries and especially the society. The document then refers to national level document. “On the national level, I have led a dialogue with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Republic of Indonesia to express the demand of the sub-national level in order to condition the reduction of deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, “said Cornelis .

The demand, added Cornelis, covers the accomplishment of referral emission level, carbon registration and benefits distribution mechanism for REDD.

West Kalimantan has weaved the partnerships with the private sectors to ensure the sustainable supply chain, in accordance with the 4P approach (planet, people, profit and peace), for instance the cooperation in Kemiri Sunan development (Reutealis trisperma) with the Belantara Foundation and the APP Group to reforest the degraded land.

Moreover, recommending the Forest Areas for Special Purposes or what is called in Indonesian as Kawasan Hutan Dengan Tujuan Khusus (KHDTK ) in the form of education forest area for the Faculty of Forestry in Tanjung Pura University  of 22,500 hectares, of which 5,000 hectares is planned for the development of renewable energy (biodiesel) from Kemiri Sunan or other plants such as elephant grass.

Aside from the cooperation includes several companies of the Forest Tenure for FSC certification, which covers an area of 248.570 Ha. Collaboration is also done in integrated landscape management in Kubu Raya district, along with various industrial plantations companies, the Forest Tenure of Mangrove, ecosystem restoration and Village Forest – including the Green Commence initiative ( IDH ) of APP group, Bina Silva and the Alas Kusuma Group with the land coverage of more than 500.000 Ha. Simultaneously, support is also given to The Heart of Borneo program managed by the WWF in which the landscape includes Kalimantan, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.”I believe the same trend was also carried out by our colleagues from Aceh, West Papua, Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan , ” confirmed Cornelis.On the same occasion, Cornelis complained about the lack of recognition and appreciation of the efforts that have been made. As so far technical support and funding are still in the central government and non-governmental organizations.

“We are just bypassed. As a result, the Province is unable to control and coordinate the activities funded by international donors at the site level. I was worried that this will lead to an undirected work plan or even thwart the deforestation reduction targets, emissions and sustainable commodities based green development in the region“, he complained

This activity was opened by the Minister of Environment of Mexico, Rafael Pacchiano Alaman. Cornelis appear on a talk show session guided by governor of Jalisco, Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval Díaz , continued by a finite council of the governors .

He had criticized the developed countries that seem only suppressing the developing countries such as Indonesia to protect the forest, while the support they provide is not significant. Cornelis also explained how the indigenous Dayaknese who are empirically experienced by Cornelis manage and deal with forests. Applause was in the conference hall when William Boyd (Secretary GCF) mentioned the name of Cornelis.

On the sidelines of the event, Cornelis delivered an invitation to his colleagues to visit West Kalimantan. Especially to the Governor of Ontario Canada (Katleen Wynne) and Governor of Vermont USA (Peter Schumlin)

Meanwhile, the Governor of the state of Jalisco, Aristoteles Sandoval , who is also the host expressed his determination to reduce the deforestation by 80% and emissions by up to 50% on target of GCF in 2020 .

Not to be outdone, Peter Shumlin, the Governor of the US state of Vermont, Fernando Melendez (Peru), Silvano Aureoles (Brazil) and also the Governor of North Borneo irianto Lambri , conveyed the same optimism.

The annual meeting of the GCF in Guadalajara 2016 was also attended by the former Indonesian Ambassador to the US, Dino Pati Djalal and the Executive Secretary of the UN World Climate Change, Patricia Espinosa Cantellano who gave a speech in crutches for leg injury and she got applause from participants of the meeting. (Translator:Christina Sallem)


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