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My Daily Life in Japan

By : Angelika Putri

Hello! Konnichiwa!

Long time no see!
A light breeze blows, and sometimes it even strongly. The air temperature decreases and the air becomes colder day by day. Animals such as ants or mosquitoes are rarely seen, signify, the summer season is over.

It’s been almost a halfway since I joined this program. And for sure, I have learned many things, especially a self-development that I can feel that are trying to grow. About the Circumstances, where I must be able to adapt in a new condition that I had never imagined before. There are many things that I’ve never done before, and here I did it for the first time.
Now in this story, I will tell you about my Daily Life as an exchange student in Japan!

Starting from me getting up early every morning, going for breakfast and sometimes helping my host Father to prepare my lunch box. And after everything is done, I will leave the house and walk for about 5 minutes to the bus stop. The distance from my host family’s house to school was quite far. So it was not uncommon for me to fall asleep on the way to and back from school. Arriving at school, of course I studied with my other classmates and friends.

There are many of my favourite’s subjects! And now I’ve started to understand the lessons and if I’m having trouble, I will solve it and learn it by myself again at home. I also have time to study on my own in the school library! And at that time, I also had the opportunity to do a presentation about Indonesia to classmate and the other. And the great response from them made me very proud!

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And when it’s the time to go home from school, I and several other student are waiting at the bus stop. I prefer to go home by public bus, because the school bus will takes longer. Sometimes, not infrequently when there is still time when the school is over, I go for a walk to see the nearby areas, or sometimes to the nearest bakery or to the supermarket to buy some things.

On the break days from school, because it’s already autumn and it’s usually rains a lot and the temperature starts to cool down, my host family and I just do some normal activities at home. Usually I spent it for studying Japanese for my better development and also watching movies to rest. In the night, it’s not rarely for us to spend time having dinner party with our neighbours. And sometimes if there’s a chance to go out, I usually will walk to the nearest supermarket or the nearest place or alley where there’s a bakery or some beautiful scenery that I like to capture. If with my host family, we usually go out to a restaurant to eat good food together! Oh! This story is a lot about having a delicious meal! Ha-ha-ha!

And there is also a fun story that is here in Japan, I celebrated my first Halloween ever! Me and my host sister and my host mother dressed for Halloween and my host sister costume was just the best. She became an alien at that time, how funny! With our neighbour, Marisa, we went to the others neighbour’s house to ask for candy, snacks and more! Knock their door’s house and then scream! (トリック・オア・トリート) Trick or Treat!
It was truly one of a funny and memorable experience!

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It’s been a long time too since that I haven’t be able to have Indonesian food. And lucky me a few days ago, I met an Indonesia person who has been living in Japan for a long time. Me, her and her Japanese friends who have lived in Indonesia for several years cooked Indonesia food together. We cook Tempe, Bakso, Rujak, Kerupuk, Tumis Sayur, Opor Ayam, and many more. It feel so good because i also really miss Indonesian food! And it’s also nice to see her friend’s kids who are also enjoying the food! I love Japanese food too but Indonesian food is no less amazing!

I’m sorry for not coming back for a long time! But I’ll be back soon too! Thank you so much for reading my story! Have a good day!
See you next story! またね!

Angelika Putri from Pontianak as one of the participant for the student exchange program, Asia Kakehashi Project

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