My First Step as An Exchange Student to Japan; Flavors of June

By : Angelika Putri*

Hello everyone! I’m Angelika Putri from Pontianak, Indonesia!June 13, 2022 is my first step in this Exchange Student with Asia Kakehashi Program. From Pontianak, I flew to Jakarta and started to following the national orientation with the other friends from the various regions in Indonesia. The orientation that lasted for several days was one of the moments that I’ll can’t never forget! In the orientation, we’re taught and prepared for the program. We also had the opportunity to go to the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia and that was so special, because we were able to meet and take pictures with the Ambassador in person!

After the national orientation was over, we all did a PCR test and thank God we all got negative results and started getting ready to go to Japan!

One of my favorite moment too, that was our preparation we did from the hotel to the airport. At the airport, after being escorted by the team from Bina Antarbudaya/ AFS Indonesia, we did everything ourselves as a team! And finally after about 8 hours, from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, we finally arrived at Narita International Airport located in Chiba and were greeted by the AFS Japan team!

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Then, We did orientation once again at the Hilton Hotel, Narita. There, we met the Asia Kakehashi participants from other countries! As soon as we arrived, we immediately became acquainted and instantly became friends! Which is where some of us already know each other because we have previously communicated on Instagram and other media.

They are so friendly! We also exchanged gifts that we brought from our respective countries!

Talks and sharing in the garden that behind the hotel like close friends. My friends from Indonesia also gave me the best memories on my birthday on June 21 which I had to celebrate in Narita at that time. I was sad at first, because I thought, this is my first time celebrating my own birthday without anyone. But they celebrated with great fanfare, and I am so grateful and so thankful for that. My Friends from other countries are so nice too! Many of them congratulated and some even knocked on my door just to wish me a Happy birthday!

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Every moment that I had at Hilton Narita was such a joyous moment and I will never forget it!
After the orientation at Narita is complete, We will be sent to our own placements. Which, June 25 is our departure schedule. Me, who got a placement in the southern part of Japan had to transit and board the plane 3 times! Wow! At the time I was pretty freaked out about having to do it alone, but it went smoothly, and I thought it was fun and a little bit exhausting ><
See you in the next story! またね~(*Student Exchange Asia Kakehashi Project from Pontianak-Kalimantan Barat)

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