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KEP’s Daily Media and PR-Programme

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teraju.id, Poernama Valley – Despite edutainment, KEP is seriously heading towards jurnalistic achievement marked by collaboration with teraju.id, a newly created digital newspaper, in publishing routine newsletter. Two interconnected teams are prepared to work in the photography and videography (Graphic Design), newsletter writing and publication (Media & Public Relation/M-PR). Newsletters …

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Solution to Teaching Tools Shortage


teraju.id, KEP – The availability of teaching tools is everything. Every class in any school has experienced the same frustration of teaching without chalks, boardmarkers, erasers and stuffs. It also happens to us in Kampoeng English Poernama. The other schools might have an economical issue buying what is needed. Not …

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Extraordinary Activity is Improving Teaching Tools Availability in KEP

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teraju.id. Kampoeng English Poernama – The availability of teaching tools is everything. We experienced some frustration of loosing stuffs. It wasn’t because we had none. We have a lot, instead, but they are just unorganized and we keep losing things. Then, we established a new division of Facility Management to work …

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Kampoeng English Poernama is Recruiting New Volunteers


teraju.id, KEP – Till the end of the year, 3 cycles of volunteer recruitment in Kampoeng English Poernama have been conducted. The first cycle has been initiated at the end of 2016 and encompassed the best youths for the on-going period of public services up to April 2017. Without a …

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Communication Conflicts and Breakdowns

dwi-karmila-auburn university

By Siti Dwi Karmila Ilhamuddin English is my second language and its acquisition took place in two countries, Indonesia and the United States. I had two different acquisitional experiences in those countries. These different experiences have shaped and enriched my second language acquisition. These acquisition still take place and I …

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PMK Ministry Reaches 950 thousand Marginal Communities

Ir Magdalena MM

teraju.id, Jambi- A total of 950 thousand marginal communities in Indonesia have benefited from Program Peduli. The programme, in its second phase in the years 2015 to 2016, is implemented by the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs (Kemenko PMK). There are approximately 4,5 million Indonesians currently living in marginalized conditions. …

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Loncek Baguas

Tari Topeng Loncek

BY ALEXANDER MERING “In Dayak tradition, it is the young people who must learn from the elders. This is the first time that the elders willingly want to learn from their children in an organized manner.” Riko stood under a jackfruit tree, gazing vacantly into the sky. Turns out the …

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Java coffee seeds travel the world

Java Coffee

BY ALEXANDER MERING Did you know that coffee from producing countries in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and even Mexico, started out with coffee seeds from the island of Java? Prawoto Indarto, in his book*, ‘The Road to Java Coffee’ mentioned that during the 15th till 16th century, coffee had …

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FAIR’s 30 years and going strong


…thanks to our many supporters, subscribers and activists who have helped us make it this far (FAIR’s, an istitution for fair reporting built in USA). Since the fall of 1986, FAIR’s has been monitoring corporate media to document bias, government influence and skewed reporting, while championing the efforts of independent …

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Four decades of forest persistence, clearance and logging on Borneo


Teraju.Id, Cifor – The native forests of Borneo have been impacted by selective logging, fire, and conversion to plantations at unprecedented scales since industrial-scale extractive industries began in the early 1970s. There is no island-wide documentation of forest clearance or logging since the 1970s. This creates an information gap for conservation …

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