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Storm Hits Randayan, Visitors and Locals Run Hyterically


Teraju.id, Randayan  – A strong storm has occurred, followed by the cloudburst. The wind blew from the south of the Randayan Island towards the visitors who were camping. This certainly shocked the people there who were having fun in front of the campfire while preparing the evening meals. The first …

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Sutarmidji: Our Society has Changed


Teraju.id, Ahead the Pontianak Town Square (12/9/2016) – Takbir sound filled the air everywhere. The crowd of citizens walked step by step towards the nearby Surau (small-sized Mosques), Mosques and fields to deliver their Eid Al-Adha 1437H prayers. The slightly cold, bright and overcast atmosphere of the morning made the …

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Bina Antarbudaya Center and Pontianak City Government Initiate An Educational Collaboration


Bina Antarbudaya Center and Pontianak City Government Initiate An Educational Collaboration Teraju.Id, Pontianak – The success of PatriotIsMe Project organized by the volunteers of Bina Antarbudaya Chapter Pontianak in the march of Kampoeng English Poernama was continued by the visit of Executive Director Nina Nasution and the Advisor Asmir Agus …

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Brazilian Artist Criticizes Go-Jeks

Felipe FB

Teraju.Id, Medsos –  In the digital era as nowadays, everything becomes easier and more practical. The entrepreneurs compete to create application-based services to meet all sorts of people’s needs. Not only public, but also foreign tourists use a variety of such services. He is Felipe Valdes, a Brazilian, widely known …

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Celebrating Indonesia’s Olympic Weightlifting Champions with Australian Beef

Sri Wahyuni angkat besi

Teraju.Id, Jakarta – Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson has congratulated Indonesia’s Olympic weightlifting champions in a very Australian way – with a steak barbeque. Ambassador Grigson promised the team a steak dinner following the silver medals awarded to Sri Wahyuni and Eko Yuli Irawan. The team’s great success in …

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Love To Dress Up Your Pet Dog? Follow This Event!


Teraju.id, Ex Cafe Nineteen (04/09/2016) – A fashion show is commonly known as a showcase of newly designed clothing by models, but what if the fashions are modeled by dogs? Pontianak Dog Lover established an event called “Dogs Are Family”, in which one of its programs is Dog Fashion at …

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Mangrove Tourism! Let’s visit Mempawah Mangrove Park

Mempawah Mangrove Park. Foto: Dedi Khansa

Mangrove Tourism! Let’s visit Mempawah Mangrove Park ? This Effort to create Mangrove Coast vegetation based ecological tourism destination alias Bakau has been undertaken since last April. Yesterday,  on Thursday (23/8/16), it has been inaugurated by Vice Regent Gusti Ramlan. The greatness of Mangrove itself is not less exciting than …

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Cornelis sets forth the work plan of Indonesian GCF in Mexico

Di mexico

Teraju.id, Mexico–Indonesian Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force (GCF Task Force) has planned a work based on 3 main pillars, namely: first, strengthening the unity of forest management, controlling the use of Permit Chamber and Governance; second, establishing partnership with the private sectors to ensure the supply chain of commodities produced …

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Indonesian Institute of Film Censorship Embrace West Kalimantan


Teraju.id, Mercure – Film is the most consumed entertainment in every strata of the society. Recently,  many young people express themselves by producing short films, including comedy, action, documentaries and many more. Lembaga Sensor Film (LSF) Indonesia or Indonesian Institute of Film Censorship and the Government of West Kalimantan Province …

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Sincerity Overflows at Dayat’s Funeral


Teraju.id, Tanjung Raya – As the expression of condolences, the Chief Regional Police of West Kalimantan, Inspector General Drs . Musyafak MM, accompanied by the key officials, Chief Resort Police and Military District Commander 1207 of Pontianak City, attended the funeral of Supriyadi alias Dayat at the  Wan Kimih Moeslim …

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