Asa Experince in YES Programme-Wisconsin-USA

Everything I did here (Wisconsin, USA), I get so many benefits. I’m here not just represent myself, but I am here for my countries. And now I should be facing hard day when I realize it’s getting closer to go back home.

I realize too, family not just by bloods, but they are people that want you to stay in their life. And this is what I feel as an Exchange Student, in Youth Exchange and Stydy (YES) Programe lead by Bina Antarbudaya.

I am so proud to hear never-heard sounds, to see never-seen colours and shapes, to try to understand the imperceptible, power pervading the world, to fly and find pure ethereal substances, to hear another soul and to whisper to another soul, to be a lantern in the darkness, or an umbrella in a stormy day, to feel much more than know, to be a wave understanding the influence of the moon, to be a tree and read the memory of the leaves, to be an insignificant pedestrian on the streets and shine in their memory as a moment saved without planning, to show the world I’m the one of the world changes.
Hope others student from West Kalimantan could joint YES Programme like this. (Asa Singa Nobessito)

Written by teraju

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