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‘Heart of Ketapang’ Warrior

Bang Doy protectinf the forest with his camera. Photo Doc. KBK

BY ALEXANDER MERING One rainy morning, a third grader rushed towards a wooden motorboat that was about to leave upstream along Kepuluk River. Before anyone could stop him, Doy, the skinny child had jumped into the motorboat and sat comfortably alongside the loggers and logistic officers who worked for the …

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Village fireflies (Kunang-kunang Kampung)

The village people of Loncek practice how to use the internet.. Photo by Alexander Mering

BY ALEXANDER MERING The moon moved from the jackfruit tree, illuminating a few stray fireflies circling above the village where a wedding was taking place. The night was late, but the deafening noise from the dangdut songs mixed with folk songs blaring from the stage had attracted the non-stop attention …

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Pontianak City Resort Police Impounded Malaysian Luxurious Cars

polda mobil2

TERAJU.ID, West Kalimantan Regional Police The inteligents unit of Pontianak City Resort Police has impounded two units of lavish BMW and Mercy cars, which are allegedly smuggled from East Sarawak. The Police Chief, Inspector General of Police, Drs. Musyafak MM in his public release, Monday (29/8) stated that the modus …

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Man’s Shot, Police’s Attacked, at 23.00 was Conducive


Teraju.id, Tajungraya. Due to the shooting of the initials DY, a citizen of Tanjungraya 1 Street, Beting town, East Pontianak Police Sector got assaulted. DY is alleged of committing thefts with aggravation and theft with violence. DY, who was the fugitive of the Pontianak City Resort Police tried to escape …

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Let’s Learn English


Teraju.id, Rumah Radakng (27/8/2016) Kampoeng English Poernama (KEP) has successfully staged an English speaking contest, so-called “Patriot.Is.Me” where the entrants and victors were in total bliss, so were their parents. The revel was seen even more on the summit night that was the appreciation night of literature and art, and …

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Survival tips in the rainforests of Borneo

Photo by Mering

Avoid frustration and panic due to last minute preparations, and being lost with some useful tips for first-timers traveling to Borneo. Holidays are a great welcome after long office work days that can seem endless. For those of you planning to travel, come discover an exotic destination: the lush rainforests …

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Food of Borneo kings : Semah fish


TERAJU.ID-If you are traveling to the island of Borneo, try this tasty culinary dish often known as the food for kings. Why? It is not only delicious, when cooked right it is also very expensive. Mahseer fish also known as kelah in Malaysia, Sapan in Kalimantan and Semah in Sumatera …

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RS ABK is providing in vitro fertilization (IVF) “A to Z” services

RS ABK Pontianak

Teraju, ABK— The problem of infertility couples continue to increase in percentage in the modern age today. Therefore, they need help to solve their problems for having a baby. “This news is amazing. Because we, in this RS Anugrah Bunda Khatulistiwa, are being able to handle “A to Z” IVF …

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The Short Film have Duration 5 Minutes at Bumi Khatulistiwa


Teraju, Pontianak— Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme (BNPT) forwarded approach humanity in resolve terrorism activity. Deradicalised effort was effective through film. Especially short film. Thus because the message is very easily absorbed by the wider community because all the sense involved reading, not just eyes, but ears too, include feeling. “We …

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