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7 Daily Habits of Prophet Muhammad SAW

By Yodhi Kaidavi

In the oportunity of this morning, we do our responsibility with kitabullah. Kampoeng English Poernama will know about “positioning”, in the first al qur’an we will find al fatihah, that we can find the good and bad muslim, mukmim and munafiq. So we have to know our position from that, what we want to choose?

Ustadz HM Nur Hasan

“Habluminallah habluminanas” the meaning is about our connection or relation with Allah, we do prayer, shaum, infaq and zakat. But the gard thing is when we do zakat, sometimes people hard to do zakat, “Terima Kasih” is not only about you get something and say thank you, but is more than that, when you want to get something you have to give also. “Get and Give”.

7 good thing or sunnah that always rasulullah do in a day:

1. Makmurkan masjid dengan shalat tepat waktu (Go to masjid and do prayer on time).

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2. Tahajud minimal 2 rakaat.

3. Qur’an satu hari satu halaman (one day one page).

4. Sedekah (if we don’t have money we can give our time or idea)

There is a 3 type of waqaf:

– Waqaf khairu untuk kebaikan dan manfaat bagi orang yang ditunjuk/umat (for goodnes).

– Waqaf ahli untuk keluarga (for family, so the nazir can be your family).

– Waqaf mustaroq dibagi untuk umat dan keluarga (for family and umat).

5. Dhuha (12 rakaat maximum)

6. Wudhu (always keep your wudhu)

7. Istighfar (always istigfar)

Keep istiqomah.

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