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Indonesia in Japanese’s Eyes

By Akane Kazaoka

My name is Akane Kazaoka, i am from Tokyo, Japan. I am joining AFS Intercultural Program in Indonesia for 10 months. And this is my thought in my first month :

My best surprise thing is ”No matter of interest in the environment”. For the Example, people don’t separate kind of garbage. It doesn’t need do Indonesian. But I am shocked. I don’t know how the treatment of Garbage in Indonesia. But It is clearly funny for Japanese.


Almost Japanese feel, They want to make the environment worse, Do you know problem that Plastic garbage flows through other seasters to other borders? It isn’t matter only Indonesia.

But the Indonesian government has ignored this problem. I heard it, it made me angry. I saw situation As well as to round the dust to the way. Sorry, I felt it was barbar.

If you can, Please don’t throw garbage in the way. If you feel insolence, sorry I apologize deeply. But I want to know and listen my opinion.

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Thank you for reading.

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