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Seing Principle’s How To Be Success in Learning

By: Leo Sutrisno / Nur Iskandar

We are learning in our live. Here the principle’s that our collected from scientist Prof. John Hattie. He said that there are195 factors influench each learner.

Originally, Hattie studied six areas that contribute to learning:

  1. the student,
  2. the home,
  3. the school,
  4. the curricula,
  5. the teacher, and
  6. teaching and learning approaches. (The updated list also includes the classroom.) But Hattie did not only provide a list of the relative effects of different influences on student achievement.

He also tells the story underlying the data.

He found that the key to making a difference was making teaching and learning visible.

He further explained this story in his book “Visible learning for teachers“.

John Hattie updated his list of 138 effects to 150 effects in Visible Learning for Teachers (2011),

and more recently to a list of 195 effects in The Applicability of Visible Learning to Higher Education (2015).

His research is now based on nearly 1200 meta-analyses – up from the 800 when Visible Learning came out in 2009.

According to Hattie the story underlying the data has hardly changed over time even though some effect sizes were updated and we have some new entries at the top, at the middle, and at the end of the list. *

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