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1st International Conference on Language, Education, and Social Sciences (ICLESS)

teraju.id, Orchardz Ayani – International Conference which is organized by Language Center (UPT Bahasa) Politeknik Negeri Pontianak and RISETDIKTI in collaboration with UCTS, IUT lille, Universite de Lille, and MSU Malaysia and supported by Pontianak Goverment, Bank Kalbar, Bank Mandiri, BNI, Bumida Syariah and Telkom Indonesia.

This activity takes place over 2 days from 19-20 November 2019 at Orchardz Ayani Hotel and presents 13 presenters from 6 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Japan, Singapore, and Australia).

On the first day, there’re 5 main presenters who presented material on Education, Language, and Social Sciences in the main ballroom on the 8th floor of Orchardz Hotel and continued with parallel sessions in three rooms namely Lobby Launge (1st Floor), Mangolia (5th Floor), and Jasmine (3rd Floor) and in each room there are 5 presenters.

The event was officially opened by the Director of Pontianak State Polytechnic Mr. Toasin Asha. He mentioned “The International Conference was actually the second time organized by the Pontianak State Polytechnic after two years ago held an International Conference on Applied Electricals, Electronics and Informatics (INFERT). But this was the first time International Conference on Learning, Education, and Social Sciences (ICLESS).”

Participants who attended apart is not only from Pontianak, there were also participants from within and outside the country. Such as Bali, Samarinda, and several cities in Malaysia.
“I hope by holding this activity, it can maintain the relationship that has been established with the institutions and universities involved.” He also added.

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