The Voice of Farmers, The Voice of The People

Cristian Happy: The gaze must still be forward because the rearview mirror is only used occasionally to look behind, English— The gaze must still be forward because the rearview mirror is only used occasionally to look behind.

Christian Happy – He used to called Cepi. Always happy wherever he is. That’s the reason his parents gave him that name.

His father was lucky to receive an education in the Dutch era. received English lessons from his Dutch adoptive family in Siantan – Pontianak. then pinned his son’s first name, Christian Happy from their four children.

Cepi study at Tanjungpura University, Majoring in Agriculture Study in 1990 and was known as a quiet student. Always bring joy to his green campus friends.

The happiness he said when asked was not being re-elected as a member of the 2019-2024 Sintang People’s Representative Council. “Because we can focus again on developing abandoned land. I am a farmer, from generation to generation as a farmer, our ancestors were farmers. Wherever you can spread goodness, that is the key to being happy,” said Cepi.

“It is common to lose in competing to be a member of the board in the Sintang Regency. After all, once every five years they are allowed to compete again. The important thing is to evaluate why we are no longer elected, “said Cepi with a smile.

The farmer world is silent – No hustle and bustle.

The world of farming is chaotic when there is a shortage of fertilizers or the price of the harvest at the farmer level drops. Or there is a climate change, the rainy season changes its pattern.

Pests and diseases are also the main enemies of farmers. Because of climate change. We are in the village when the price of commodities drops, we don’t have time to protest or scream in anger. Because it could take two days and two nights to reach our village, provided that the road is dry, there is no rain. Or vice versa, from the village to the city of Sintang, everything was completely uncertain when we arrived. “Can you imagine, we just shouted the others have come home to the demonstration ?!”

What we do when commodity prices drop is look at the stock of money or anything that can quickly become money. Because we send our children to the city of Sintang – Pontianak – to study in Jogya, Java Island. We still have to send monthly money. Often our children were embarrassed to ask us for money back in the village. We in the village can say there is enough rice for the next year. “Our food intake is safe, dear son,” said Cepi.

Geographically, Sintang Regency is 21,638 km2 wide. Even though it has been divided into Melawi Regency. Due to the size of the Sintang, the development of infrastructure, including public services, is not evenly distributed there.

Meanwhile, Sintang is dependent on three main commodities, namely rubber, palm oil and pepper. To optimize the three commodities, according to Cepi, there needs to be a transformation in the economic sector to downstream products. Because the agricultural sector provides the largest contribution, namely 33.85 percent based on The Central Bureau of Statistics data in Sintang.

The keyword is synergy so that people can feel prosperity together. Give a chance to the elected Regent, dr. H. JAROT WINARNO, M.Med.P.H. and his partner SUDIYANTO, S.H. so that Sintang Regency will be at the forefront of the formation of the Kapuas Raya Province.

When asked about the 2024 Election. Christian Happy, SP. stated that he is willing to return to be nominated as people’s representatives. Because the voice of the peasants – is the voice of the people. Golkar voice – the voice of the people.

There is no way for me to be fleas – fleas are the enemy of farmers.

Finally, with his trademark smile, he replied, “The 2024 election is still a long way off. But, three more years are coming very soon. We still struggle with the silent world of farmers. Elected or not later. Their voices stick in our hearts.”

Written by

Tulesan Ketige

Aksi Nyata