Synergy And Coordination Of The Environment and Forestry Service In West Kalimantan

Ir Adi Yani MH

Synergy and coordination are important to optimize the implementation of forestry development in West Kalimantan province. With this understanding, the Forestry and Environment Service held a Synergy Coordination Meeting for the development of the forestry sector in 2021 at the Orchid Hotel on Wednesday (07-04-21).

By inviting the technical implementing unit of the West Kalimantan Forest Management Unit, Social Forestry and the Kalimantan Environmental Partnership, the West Kalimantan National Park Office, the Natural Resources Conservation Center, the Kapuas Watershed and Protected Forest Management Office and other competent parties in the forestry sector.

Head of the Environmental and forestry Office in West Kalimantan, Ir. Adi Yani, M.H. said this activity is one of the synergies of activities in the forestry sector without neglecting the environmental sector because the environment and forestry are interrelated units.

The relationship of these activities must also be understood from the point of view of the labour law which is part of the Omnibus Law.
The Job Creation Act (Omnibus Law) is considered to be a fix for problems in Indonesia without neglecting environmental aspects.

Thus, the Omnibus Law aims to fix and increase the synergy of forest areas that can be preserved where the environment can be sustainable.

This connection is all so that the vision and mission of the Governor of West Kalimantan can be realized, one of which is the printing of Independent Villages around Forest Areas.

This activity continues until 20.00 WIB (07-04-21).

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