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Rest in Peace “Pak Ci”

Ir Ciputra, founder of Ciputra Group was gone in Singapore, Wed, 27 of Nov 2019.

By: Janeet Steel*

I wrote about him a fair bit in “Wars Within,” which you can download for free if you are interested. When I interviewed Ciputra back in 2001, the thing he said that struck me the most was this:

Explaining that it was Lukman Setiawan who first introduced him to Goenawan Mohamad, Ciputra says, ‘I didn’t know Goenawan. But when Ekspres came, I really admired it. Wah, these are the best people. It was something new for me. I asked Lukman, ‘Please, you find these people because you know them.’”

“My job is finding people, you know? Everything that happens in the market about people attracts my attention. Later I form all these new companies….What I want in this publication I don’t yet know, but what I need is people.”

Ciputra did indeed find the best people. Rest in peace, Pak Ciputra.(Quote from Andreas Harsono Facebook)(*Janeet Steel is a journalist proffesor and writer of Wars Within, the story of Tempo

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