Great Volley Match between 2 SPANSAs

By Jihan


On November 29th 2018, SMPN1 Pontianak got visited by the volleyball teams from SMPN 1 Mempawah Hilir. This visit was the reply visit of SMP N 1 Pontianak to SMP N 1 Mempawah last year.

In this visit, they had sparring match with SMPN 1 Pontianak volleyball teams. The sparring started after the welcoming celebration and presentation from both schools. The teachers and students were so excited to see the sparring match. For the women’s volleyball teams, they played two sets and for the men’s, they played 5 sets. And both matches were won by SMPN 1 Pontianak teams.

The visit brought joyful and great experience for the both side students. They could not only develop their Volley skills but also have friend relationship. Both school hoped the alike visit for other kind of sport be able to happen as well.

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