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Pontianak City Resort Police Impounded Malaysian Luxurious Cars

TERAJU.ID, West Kalimantan Regional Police
The inteligents unit of Pontianak City Resort Police has impounded two units of lavish BMW and Mercy cars, which are allegedly smuggled from East Sarawak.

The Police Chief, Inspector General of Police, Drs. Musyafak MM in his public release, Monday (29/8) stated that the modus operandi of these economic criminals is manipulating the cross-border facilities, where Malaysia and Brunei citizens could bring in their cars to the Indonesian neighborhood, especially West Kalimantan for 30 days, after which it can be extended at the border of Entikong for 30 days more. After 60 days when the operational license ran out, the foreigners should return to their country and bring back the cars with them or the cars would be re-exported. Yet, this is what happened. After the cars crossed the border of Indonesian region, the cars were retailed by the owners to Indonesian citizen at low price.

It has never stopped there. After selling the cars, they go to the police office and obtain the police report of the lost cars to make some auto insurance claims. If the insurer wants to get the vehicle back, they will need to contact the Police in Raja Malaysia Contingent Sarawak. Later, between countries, they will ask for help of the Indonesian Police to deliver ther vehicles that have been reported missing by the Malaysians. So, the loss of Indonesian citizens is double: the first is the cash that had been paid for the car by Indonesian citizen and the second is car itself that will be taken back as there is a report of loss of the country where the seller is domiciled.

This practice has repeatedly done, but this case is typical. The offenders have been committed the same crime over and over again. He assumed that it has been 5 times, and possibly more. In the illegal car trade, he is definitely not alone, as there are elements of fabrications of vehicle registration certificate and vehicle certificate of ownership. To clear up this case, the police is doing some investigation in cooperation with the West Java Regional Police, since the smuggled cars are registered with plate number of Bandung regency. Are the documents issued by the police officially or have they been falsified? If they are falsified, who did that?

Therefore, this case will develop. The police is given plenty of time to expose the case. “West Kalimantan Regional Police has been communicating intensively with the West Java Regional Police to ensure the use of plate number D 1622 RC for Mercedez Benz white metallic car. Is the vehicle registered in the West Java One Roof System? “The validity of the plate number is investigated”, Said the Chief Police.

Nowadays, the suspect, Gama Satria (GS), the resident of HE.Suwanda Street 24, RT:005, RW:004, Sub Padasuka Cimenyan West Java, held in custody of Pontianak City Resort Police.

Meanwhile, the evidences of crime that have been impounded by the Pontianak City Resort Police are two white Mercedez Benz cars on the plate number D 1622 RC and grey Malaysian BMW E 30 320i car of the year 1984 on the plate number WBH 2533N, an ID card and a passport in the name of Gamma Satria, a unit of black Lenovo cellular phone, a unit of silver HP laptop, authentic vehicle registration certificate on the number D1622 RC by the owner of Wahyu Djoendjoenñan on a Mercedez Benz Sedan type 560 second 6.0 AMG.A/T, and a vehicle certificate of ownership on BMB 635 csi car of the year 1984 on the plate number D131 BJ by the name of Matdiman Sihombing.

According to the Police Chief, Inspector General of Police, Drs. Musyafak MM, the guard of border area needs to be tightened, because what are being smuggled into the territory of Indonesia are not only cars but also drugs, illegal beef and refined sugar. It is just the modus operandi is now different from the former. Today, they use private cars to deliver the contrabands, deposit them by inter-state bus or by motorcycle.

Translator: Christina S

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