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Creative People

Shall We Stop Our Creativity ?

I was born in Pontianak November 18, 1983, precisely 34 years ago. I spent my childhood by playing video games, sometimes my parents or my family also asking me to watching movies at cinemas.

Well, a few decade ago. there were many cinemas in Pontianak. A few of them used 21 / XXI as their brand, however probably they doesn’t have a relationship with XXI Cineplex. Because, the official XXI Cineplex group has standing in West Kalimantan since 2005, precisely in the building of A Yani Mega Mall Pontianak level 3.

Anyway, what is XXI Cineplex ? CINEMA 21 is the largest movie theater chain in Indonesia. It serves 30 cities in Indonesia. Along with the demands of the times, CINEMA 21 has conducted a number of improvements and innovations, among which are to form a network movie theater into 3 separate brands, namely Cinema 21, Cinema XXI and The Premiere to target different markets. This movie network spread across several major cities throughout the archipelago and most of them located in shopping centers with Hollywood and Indonesian movies as the main menu, equipped with Dolby Digital and THX sound system.

Every time when i watched a movie in the cinema or played a video game at NES -Nintendo Entertainment System- or better known as FAMICOM. I always hallucinating. And my hallucination leads me to writing or trying to discover new things.

Creative People

Some people assuming that every creative people have mental disorders, for an example Thomas Alfa Edison or Stephen Hawking. Generally, they are more playing in the safe path of making money, getting married and not thinking anything so they burying their what God give to them, for this point the name of gift is “creativity.”

Well, this is funny, why they never feel are grateful for every talent that they have? Why they’re always to prefer playing in the safe zone ?

Have you ever thinking, what would happen to the world if creative people like Edison or Hawking even Einstein and Islamic scientists like Al-Jabar never existed ? Maybe we will stay in the days of ignorance.

The age in which technology is a delusion, The civilization where technology is a just fantasy.

Writing Therapy

Therapy writing, playing magic and making websites plus applications. If drawn a common thread between the three, have we ever found a relationship between them ?

Absolutely, no relations. If we think using our left brain, but when we think by using an imaginary line or illusion then we will get a conclusion that is Creativity.

I’ve ever done of them even two of them are still active up to now these are blogging, making website and if I have a new laptop then, there’s nothing wrong I keep learning any programming language.

Besides, I’m still applying writing therapy, where I can pull out whatever I want to write anything in my mind. Suppose a man who wants to waste dirt or defecate, if every intestine is still present in the stomach then toxins and various diseases would be infested by it.

I am the people who never stop to be creative because Creativity is a part of my life.

I used to made Indie movies with friends, it was only aired on YouTube, but for me the hobby of making movies no longer exist because the cost of expensive

Let, each of my short story script, my novel become part of a movie or in other words they will converting into movies.

Magicians? I’m no longer in that way, it’s not my profession anymore, but I learned how to make people happy through the magic tricks. How to give a smile to others through entertaining and inspiring tricks.

But there is one thing I want to say is that I will not open my idea out of a job. Because I never know what will happen to me in the future.

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