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The Book of Imaginary Beliefs

Book Review

Oleh : Rike Rahayu

Skill to learn: How to Become a Spiritual Non-believer⁣

Everyone has a different coping mechanism regarding being brought to this universe without consent. Some people speak of nihilism to inject more sense into their heads. Some people grow more muscles and eat high protein food only. Some people go to school reunions to silently judge and compare their lives with their old friends, hopefully to feel better about themselves in the end. Some people create the perfect imaginary lover to manipulate their late night loneliness. Some people decide to be gluten-free religiously. Some people produce more aesthetic selfies.”⁣

Some people ask the same question over and over again. Some people have a hard time choosing one thing to buy and end up going home with none. Some people give 3 hours of their time on Instagram willingly. Some people look down to others who can’t do the same shit they’ve done. Some people like being busy. Some people prioritize their families. Some people dream. Some people luckily get the reality slap. And some people won’t even bother to read this caption because why this woman keeps going on and on. ⁣

The Book of Imaginary Beliefs reminded me of change. I used to think … , and now I think ….⁣
People transform. People make adjustments. Some of my personal beliefs are no longer relevant at this point. And sure, there are beliefs that can’t be bothered and will remain like that until the day I die.

I guess life is a constant challenge to have an open mind, and most importantly to accept that like it or not, we are all the same yet we are all so different in many ways.

Written by Rike Rahayu

Rike Rahayu is a volunteer, a student, and a writer. A Volunteer of AFS Indonesia, Bina Antarbudaya chapter Pontianak, and Kampoeng English Poernama. She was studying at Trilogi University in Jakarta and currently at Pontianak State Polytechnic.

She was writing 3 books, and shortlisted for Journalism Fellowship to Malaysia and Singapore in 2018. She has contributed to KEP's Literature Project. She lives in Pontianak.

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