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Let’s Learn English, Rumah Radakng (27/8/2016)
Kampoeng English Poernama (KEP) has successfully staged an English speaking contest, so-called “Patriot.Is.Me” where the entrants and victors were in total bliss, so were their parents. The revel was seen even more on the summit night that was the appreciation night of literature and art, and the winners announcement of speech, storytelling, and poetry reading, as well as the hard launch of Online Media, followed by the launch of books and some featured work programs of KEP. Moreover, the event was jazzed up by Angklung Angkhasa, Lutha T Dance Club with their 3-ethnic traditional dance, and the local band known as Coffternoon.

H. Sutarmidji, SH, M.Hum, the Major of Pontianak city stated, “As we have Kampoeng English Poernama now, I hope that in the future we will have Kampoeng Arabic Poernama. I am so delighted that young people in Pontianak are moving forward and further to build all.”

In other side, Azalia Nurtieka Dewi as the Chief division of Volunteer Development of Bina Antarbudaya, Chapter Pontianak conveyed that this is a joint program organized to grace the 71st Anniversary of Republic of Indonesia, and also the step towards the vision of “Live to learn together”, as well as the adagium of “student now leader tomorrow”.

Translator : Christina Sallem (KEP)

Written by teraju

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