“Doctor Strange”

Movie Review

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Oleh : Abyyah Safa Maura
Penerjemah : Jeammy Rodjas Prasetya

The film Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange or Master Strange, tells the story of one of the super hero characters marvel who works as a surgeon but there was an incident that turned his life back 180 degrees.

The film tells the story of a surgeon who was successful in his career but had an accident which resulted in severe paralysis, this incident also claimed his career as a doctor due to his fingers paralyzed by the tragedy. He went here and there to seek treatment and even underwent various operations but still did not produce good results, until one day he went at the direction of people who had once refused his treatment to go to the Taj-Room here. He learned a variety of new knowledge and left his old life. , but this also makes him face to face with the figure of the dimensionless ruler, Dormammu.

This film is very good with a variety of interesting CGI effects, besides bringing an interesting story makes us feel at home to watch, and the background change of the main character also presents an interesting thing to discuss, this film is highly recommended for those of you who really like movies – a film made by MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.

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