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The Uniqueness of the “Panjat Pinang” Tradition in Pontianak

Panjat pinang di Sungai Jawi, Kamis, 17/8/17. Foto Luna

teraju.id, Sungai Jawi  – In the afternoon of August 17th 2017 the Indonesian Independence Day in Pontianak reached its climax with the annual holding of “panjat pinang” around the area of the Jawi River. What makes panjat pinang in Pontianak rather unique is that with the abundance of rivers, the …

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Writing Competition about Developing Cultural Realm


teraju.id, Binabud – Intercultural learning opens the opportunity to learn about other cultures, as well as motivating a person to be more open minded in receiving new stimulus during the process. Learning and acquiring knowledge on cultures starts with establishing awareness and appreciation towards own culture in order to be …

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Live in Harmonization: Importance of Knowledge of Ethnic Diversity

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-05 at 16.31.08

By Amelia The Museum “West Kalimantan” is located in the city of Pontianak. The venue of this exhibition was inaugurated in 1983. In this Museum, it finds the culture and customs of the two largest ethnicities that is the Malay and the Dayak. With the addition of the ethnic Chinese. …

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“Everything has its Philosophy Here”

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By Luna Pujianto * The oldest Mosque of Pontianak and the Makam of Kings were built on one line to the Keraton Qadriah, the Palace of the Pontianak Sultanate, in 1771, as told by an elder man working as a tourist guide at the Keraton. While sitting on his throne …

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Fast Breaking with Portuguese and Polish Guests


teraju.id, Poernama – Sunday (11/06), KEP- In the Social Sunday of the week, KEP had guests from Malang in ‘Meet the Expert’ Session. They are Portuguese and Polish travelers, including Natalia(29), Anna(28) and Olla(25). Three of them are currently working as lectures of politics, psychology and English language in the …

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Social Sunday Activity on the Sideline of the Interview Selection for AFS/YES Student Exchange Program


teraju.id, Purnama Valley – Sunday (21/5). As usual, on Sunday afternoon (21/5) Kampoeng English Poernama is crowded with volunteers who are willing to develop themselves and children who are happy to learn English through Social Sunday Program. Something special came out on the day where the secretariat of Kampoeng English …

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Global Landscapes Forum: Peatlands Matter Event in Jakarta on 18 May, Led by CIFOR


teraju.id, Bonn-Germany – Peatlands have so far been underestimated in global climate change negotiations, but this is starting to change. Discussions alongside the UNFCCC Bonn Climate Change Conference last week showed an increasing interest in the carbon dynamics of these critical landscapes, and their potential contribution to climate change mitigation …

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The Highlights of Graduation and Volunteers Appreciation

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-08 at 10.09.59

teraju.id, Purnama Valley – Sunday (7/5). An activity has recently been conducted in Kampoeng English Poernama. The English learning center, located on Purnama Street, Pondok Agung Permata Housing Complex, No. Y37-40 seems to never stop doing activities. Social Sunday is a routine English learning activity carried out by Kampoeng English …

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Asa Experince in YES Programme-Wisconsin-USA


Everything I did here (Wisconsin, USA), I get so many benefits. I’m here not just represent myself, but I am here for my countries. And now I should be facing hard day when I realize it’s getting closer to go back home. I realize too, family not just by bloods, …

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KEP’s Daily Media and PR-Programme

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 16.28.04

teraju.id, Poernama Valley – Despite edutainment, KEP is seriously heading towards jurnalistic achievement marked by collaboration with teraju.id, a newly created digital newspaper, in publishing routine newsletter. Two interconnected teams are prepared to work in the photography and videography (Graphic Design), newsletter writing and publication (Media & Public Relation/M-PR). Newsletters …

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